Eyewear Info




    This is the most common type of prescription. These lenses correct for one field of vision (near or distance). The strength of the prescription in each eye can differ (and often do). 


    Not available yet…but coming soon! If you want to correct for both your near/reading and distance vision, progressives can do both. They differ from bifocals in that they have “no line” and “progressively” blend the two fields of vision. 

    Non-prescription glasses and readers

    For non-prescription glasses and readers, you’ll have the option to select either option in the check out process. They come with all the same protective features and benefits as the equivalent prescription lenses.


    Originally developed for stealth situations, our lenses are made of light, thin, impact resistant polycarbonate. 

  • Premium Clear

    Includes all of the features listed below under "Extra Features," so you can see and look your best!

    Premium Blue-light

    Usually comes with a hefty surcharge, but not here (no additional cost for these lenses)! Provides greater protection for your eyes from blue ray radiation exposure, such as from the environment, computers, phones, and tablets than standard UV400 coatings. This means they have a tinge of yellow which is necessary to block that worrisome part of the color spectrum. 


    With light exposure, these lenses adapt from clear to dark grey. They’re handy if you want one pair of glasses that work both indoors and outdoors. Additional cost for these lenses.

  • 1.67 & 1.74 HIGH-INDEX LENSES

    If your prescription is high, we’ll automatically contact you to adjust your order to the lenses that are ideal for you. Additional cost for these lenses.


    (included with all clear, blue-light and light-responsive lenses)

  • Scratch-resistance

    A hard coating that protects your lenses from scuffs and scratches.

    Anti-reflective coating
    Cuts glare, reduces eye strain, and looks fab!

    Super-hydrophobic coating

    Clean those lenses with ease. Our lenses repel both oil and water so you aren’t all smudged up. 

    UV protection

    100% protection from UVA and UVB rays to shield your eyes from harmful rays.


    All of our colored lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays and are scratch resistant. 

  • Advanced Technology Polarized (ATP) 

    Using advanced technology, these polarized lenses are amazing. See the world in rich and vivid color, while also protecting your eyes from the sun’s powerful rays. Additional cost for these lenses.

    Tinted (only available in non-prescription)

    Beautiful colored lenses offer subtle to moderate light reduction and give you a wonderful visual experience. See the world through rose-colored glasses…literally!

Fit & Measurements

  • FIT

    How to know if a frame fits you properly:

    - The bottom of your eyebrows are level with, or slightly above the top of the frame

    - The bridge comfortably hugs your nose and doesn't constantly slip down

    - The lenses don't extend beyond the width of your face

    - Arms sit comfortably on your ears without squeezing against your temples

    - Bottom of frame does not rest on your cheeks


    You can see the frame measurements on the inner arm of the frame (ie. 51-17-140).

  • Lens Width: The first number is the lens width, also known as the lens diameter (measured horizontally). It is the widest distance from one side of the lens to the other. Ie. the number "51" means that each lens is 51 millimeters(mm) wide.

    Bridge Width: The second number is the bridge width (measured horizontally.) It is the shortest distance over the nose between both lenses. The middle number "17" means that the bridge of the frame is 17mm wide. 

    Arm Length: The arms, also known as temples, have the largest measurement on a pair of glasses. The measurement starts at the edge of the temple tip behind the ear and ends at the front where it connects to the frame. The example of "140" means that each arm measures 140mm in length.



    Hinges do more than just connect the frame front to the arms, great hinges will ensure your frames remain strong and fit comfortably.

    At Friendly Universe, we use two types of hinges:

  • Barrel: This no-nonsense hinge keeps the frame's original shape intact. You won't experience any arm twisting or rocking from this design, just a smooth open and close effect when you put them on and take them off.

    Spring: Not just a clever name, these hinges open comfortably at a wider angle because of the spring inside.This hinge type is a great choice if you are sensitive to tight fitting arms. Spring hinges tend to shift more naturally with your head shape and movements.  

Nose Bridges


    Everyone has a different bridge width to think about when choosing a pair of glasses, but that's not all! Consider what your side profile looks like.

    3 common nose profiles: High, Low, Bump


    Metal Glasses

    Unsure of where you land on the nose profile scale, or maybe you're somewhere in between? Metal glasses with adjustable nose pads are your safest bet! The nose pad wires can be expanded or retracted and loosened or tightened. The nose pads are also made to slightly shift and pivot with your natural movements.

    Acetate Glasses
    The nose pieces on this type of frame are an extention of the acetate itself. This type of bridge can't be adjusted, but that doesn't mean you won't find the perfect frame! We make acetate options for the 3 common nose profiles.   

    1. Standard High: Indicated by the letter "S" at the end of the frame's name, this design is made to fit most medium to high nose bridges. The nose pieces extend about 8-9mm from the frame front.

    2. Low: Indicated by the letter "L" at the end of the frame's name, this design is made to fit low nose bridges. The nose pieces extend about 11-12mm from the frame front.

    3. Keyhole: A keyhole shape cut into the top part of the bridge to open extra space for the top of your nose.

If you have any questions, don't hestiate to reach out! Contact Us